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The Changover

Koh Chang, Thailand

Scojatty- Koh Chang, what a place. Chang means elephant in Thai and Koh means island. What can I say, this place was awesome. We met so many good people and had so many fun times. From Bangkok we took a 6 hour bus ride aboard our "VIP" bus the driver didn't seem to care what side of the road he was on because here in Thailand the road lines are more like suggestions. We then got on a ferry to take us to the jungle island. Upon first sight I was very excited, the island looked like a duplicate from the Lost series. Lush jungle and bumpy mountains with turquoise water. I met some older folks on the ferry and we used their travel expertise to quickly get into a pickup taxi. The ride hurt my ass! We were weaving through jungle and past a couple of monkeys. Finally we arrived at a place called Bang Bao on the south tip. At first I was in shock how amazing the accomadation was for 5$ a night. We had our own snorkelling cove, hammocks, and coconuts (free food as Jeremy found out). By the way coconuts are dangerous! They come crashing down in the middle of the night slamming against your bungalow... or worse your head. Anyways, we met some really nice people, Peter, Leah, Mite and another Peter. It was a relaxing 3 days, playing poker with the hostel owner and swimming in bath water looking at greeny yellow neon fish. However, the people we met had a good point, is this a bit to relaxing? They packed up and left so we decided to follow soon after. At first we just wanted to check out where they were going.. Lonley Beach the party beach. So we decided to walk the hour walk through the jungley road to this amazing destination. The next day we moved. After moving into our 4$ bungalow we met so many people. Our previous friends were there and we had such a good time. When travelling it seems that you connect to people so fast and you are best friends within a day, thats what happened. There was Leah, a french Canadian living in Dubai and the most generous person I had ever met, she literally bought us dinner and 6-7 beers for 3 nights. Peter a really cool guy from The Netherlands studying law, we caught him at the tail end of his year long odyssey roaming through Australia and Asia. Aswell, there was Mite a Turkish guy who spoke Japanase and lived in Japan, he also had a similar interest in playing music and we spent alot of time playing on the beach infront of fire juglers! There was Oussi (spelling?) a Finish guy who was obessed with the Local beer Chang and beer.. just like us, "I love Chang! Uhhh I have a Changover, lets get chang'd! This day chang'd my life. What a guy. It was sad to see them all go as we are now back in Bangkok, but we are the type of people who do make the effort to see good friends again so maybe we will be knocking on their doors or vise versa in the near future.


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Bold Bangkok


Scott - So, Bangkok hit me like a moped should have. The streets are chaos! However, its probably nothing compared to Vietnam and other countries. Today was amazing, we took a boat ride all the way up river from pier to pier. It seems the days need chapters because so much is happening and thats why travelling like this is so amazing. The experience is chop full! After the boat we were convinced to take a tuk tuk ride to some of the respectful buddhist sites such as the big ass standing Buddah. Only 10 baht.. how could we refuse? It was pretty cool but the ride itself to the different spots was an adventure in itself. The tuk tuk driver took us to a tailor shop.. for no apparant reason. We sat down, were shown some suite styles, and curiously asked, "do you even wear suites?" We laughed and the indian tailor said "I believe your driver is waiting for you." Ploy. Anyways, we got to Koh Sahn road and it was intense, so many things going on at once, so we are decided to move over to the area to stay tommorow, should be fun!



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1 Day

I guess you could say I am excited. I also guess you could say I am nervous and pretty much every other emotion that comes and goes before leaving to the unknown for a whole year. However, everything is ready and I am already commited to jump. I can only imagine the nostalgia fuming from my brain when I re-read this in the following year. So everyone, thank you for the goodbyes and good wishes I hope you can really imagine what I see as you follow me through this journey. Here I go.

Great Lake Swimmers - Everything is Moving So Fast

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Getting Ready

December 17th. Getting ready for the big trip thats going to take us (Me, and Evans) around a good chunk of the world. I will be landing in Bangkok January 7th LATE so I hope we can get to a hostel... I still have no idea what to expect, and I love it! We will be heading south to Pattaya a famed beach town, then to Koh Chang island via Trat. Then we will be heading back to meet up with Evans in Bangkok and head to Angor Watt.

I am really looking forward to so many things on this trip. Thailand: Swimming with whale sharks and diving, food Cambodia: Angkor Watt, firing weapons Vietnam: Motorcycling from Hoh Chi Ming to Hanoi Laos: Relaxing and Reliving the simple life Myanmar: Getting lost in Bagan while watching the sun rise, expecting the unexpected Indonesia: Food, diving, Motorbiking through Bali, Learning to surf Malaysia: Trekking through the Borneo Jungle and climbing mount kinabalu in Sabah Philipines: Donsol diving, island hopping Australia: Buying a fried out combie on a hippie trail head full of zombie

Xavier Rudd - Solace:

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